27 February 2009

Are You On Remake Overload?

In the past few years Hollywood studios have released a lot of remakes. Most of the movies are horror or science fiction: Friday the 13th, My Bloody Valentine, Prom Night, The Amityville Horror, When a Stranger Calls, Halloween, War of the Worlds, The Last House on the Left (in theatres March 13, 2009), Children of the Corn (will air on television this year), A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) and so many more.

It is rare for someone to remake a comedy; however, as stated in my January 9, 2009 entry, there may be a MEATBALLS remake on the horizon. Also, I remember at one time there was going to be a remake of REVENGE OF THE NERDS, but that was cancelled. I really like the original REVENGE OF THE NERDS; it is a classic. So I am happy the remake did not happen.

As far as the FRIDAY THE 13TH and HALLOWEEN remakes, their filmmakers refer to them as re-imaginings. Many think that they are calling them re-imaginings so that they can keep the franchises going and take stories into different directions. This will end the original storylines.

I think it is okay to produce remakes, but are you on remake overload? Some of us have to realize these movies are not remakes in the eyes of the younger generations (under 25 years old). In many cases these remakes are “originals” to them.

16 February 2009

The Entertainment Industry Has Changed

The economy is the cause of some of the changes in entertainment, but not all. I just know that as an independent filmmaker I have to do things differently than I did three years ago. It has always been important to have a good cast and promote projects, but now it is smart to keep the budgets low because distributors are paying less (this is because of the economy) and the World Wide Web exists.

Several famous actors are still becoming independent filmmakers. Several famous producers and directors have done the same. I am noticing that they have chosen to show original programs and movies on the Internet instead of on television or dealing with theatres (http://newteevee.com/2008/08/28/justine-batemans-fm78tv-says-tv-is-dead/). However, DVD is still a preferred choice of distribution. Many are even distributing DVDs themselves.

The Internet has made it possible for audiences to view projects that otherwise would not have been available before. This is good news. Major studios are no longer the sole distributors. Many people are unaware of this and still look for films the traditional way: go to the movie theatre, and then buy the DVD or wait for cable to broadcast them.

In addition, I urge you to go to film festivals and support independent filmmakers. Some of the movies screened at festivals will never be available anywhere else. Very few receive widespread distribution. For example, through my company, TDA Entertainment, I distribute my DVD of THE TWO SISTERS, but if people want to see it in other formats they must be in Australia or New Zealand because those are the countries where it has distribution.

14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you are able to spend today with someone/people who you love. It is not just about romantic love. Valentine's Day is also not just cards, chocolates, and flowers. Make sure the time you spend with loved ones is high quality.


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