25 October 2010

Sacramento Horror Film Festival 2010

This weekend I attended the Sacramento Horror Film Festival. I mostly watched short films. The common theme amongst filmmakers in attendance was that they make a short film to attract financing for a feature film. I noticed some highlight technical talent and others are superb storytellers.

ALICE JACOBS IS DEAD stars Adrienne Barbeau as a woman with a horrific virus. Her husband is a scientist and desperately researches a cure. The acting is very good in this story. I just wish it were longer; however, it does have a beginning, middle, and an end. Some short films are so short, before I can get involved drastic things happen and the movie ends. This film is not like that. It is well-paced, and has all the ingredients for a feature. Here is the film's trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=101-gf2AJy8.

WICK is another short film that I think will make an excellent feature. In this movie a young woman has nightmarish visions that reveal her mysterious past. The story takes place in a mental hospital, and this film provides a way for viewers to develop an interest in finding out why the lady is a patient. Here is the film's official Web site: http://www.wickthemovie.com/.

THE CURSE OF MICAH ROOD reveals an old legend from Norwich, Connecticut in a clever way. Ron Palillo plays Micah Rood, a man who cherishes his privacy and precious apple orchard. When a peddler stops by and asks to stay the night, Micah is not too kind, but complies, only to later accuse the peddler of stealing his apples. This leads to Micah committing a violent deed and taints the fruit of his orchard with the blood of guilt. THE CURSE OF MICAH ROOD is a period piece, and it is enjoyable watching Ron Palillo in the lead role. Here is the film's trailer:

LIMIKKIN RANCH is a great short (impressive student film). While watching this movie, just as it ends, most viewers want more. The setting is a mysterious ranch. A man is summoned to the ranch to hunt and kill a violent pack of marauding coyotes. He discovers the true threat is far more ancient and evil. You may watch the movie here: http://vimeo.com/8750304.

One feature that is unique and interestingly intriguing is THE MAN WHO COLLECTED FOOD. A loner chooses collecting food as his hobby. Most people collect stamps, baseball cards, or coins, but this guy collects food. Since he collects food, do you think he eats it? The answer is no. He resorts to the atrocious act of cannibalism. I know this seems nauseating, but the film will draw you in. Here is the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-HVKkm3EGQ.

04 October 2010

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

I like the plot of the film, WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS (good title). The story offers some unexpected turns, and that kept me intrigued. Once again Michael Douglas is a joy to watch as “Gordon Gekko;” viewers want to sympathize with his character.

Overall, this is an excellent film directed by Oliver Stone and the entire cast is wonderful. Josh Brolin is spectacular as always, Shia LaBeouf has a lot of talent, and Susan Sarandon is fantastic. In addition, Frank Langella’s performance is outstanding, and I like Carey Mulligan as “Winnie Gekko.”

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