26 March 2009

The Haunting in Connecticut

If I am looking for a house to rent and the owner tells me that “the house has a history,” I would not only take him seriously but scratch that house off my list, especially knowing the history includes the home being a former funeral parlor with mysterious incidents surrounding it. This is the premise of THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT. Of course if the lead character, played by the wonderfully talented Virginia Madsen, thinks the way I do, the movie will end before getting off the ground.

Oddly, at one point the movie almost seems like an episode of the Home and Garden Television (HGTV) series, If Walls Could Talk, because the family discovers photographs and other items in the house after moving in. Since I never like giving away too much, I will not state specifically what they find. But some of it is quite disturbing.

THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT is more than a supernatural thriller with many shocking moments. It is also a drama. It seems while watching this story, I felt sympathy towards the family for having to endure such horrific, inexplicable experiences.

Finally, the acting in this movie is very good, and that is important. Otherwise, the film might be thought of as second-rate. It is unclear whether the movie is actually based on real events. I think that is just another element that can make the story intriguing for some people.


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