12 March 2012

Mayor Cupcake

MAYOR CUPCAKE is a fun movie. Lea Thompson is wonderful as ‘Mary Maroni,’ a cupcake baker who lives in Bridgeville, Delaware with her husband ‘Donald’ (played by Judd Nelson) and their three daughters. Unknowingly, ‘Mary’ is nominated for mayor of Bridgeville and wins the election, beating out a four-term mayor and another male opponent. She is unenthusiastic about the job, but swiftly makes the best of it and does very well with help from her friend ‘Albert’ (played by Dorian Harewood). She even takes pride in her duties since she was born and raised in Bridgeville and loves the town. However, there is conflict because some do not want her being their mayor. It is comical watching them try to thwart her.

Bridgeville has unique residents. One man makes it his chore to let drivers know to slow down since the police write a lot of speeding tickets, and another man owns an antique store but does not want to part with any merchandise. These and other characters are what make MAYOR CUPCAKE fun. Stories like this are good for the whole family to watch.

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