31 December 2023


My new novel, THE TWO SISTERS, is available for purchase: The Two Sisters by Terri Dawn Arnold. The story has crime, drama, and mystery. Lannie and Kellie suffer from manic depression. They are unable to manage the mental health problem, and clash with university classmates.

14 November 2023

Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse

Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites are located in Victoria, B.C. in the Colwood community. They are two miles (three kilometers) from Royal Roads University. Both places offer gorgeous scenery and are ideal for walking and learning history.

This post concludes photos from my vacation in the Pacific Northwest. Soon I will start editing a video showing places I visited, and then post it here. Currently, I am almost finished writing my next novel. It will (hopefully) be available by the end of 2023.

08 November 2023

Royal Roads University

Hatley Park and Hatley Castle are both located at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC in the Colwood community. It is the only university in Canada located within a national historic site, and the historic charm is grand. Touring the park and castle could definitely relieve stress from studies!

It was nice visiting Hatley Park in June because the flowers were in bloom. Twelve years ago I visited in April and they were not.

Hatley Castle

31 October 2023

Victoria, BC

Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island is a beautiful place that has become even more popular, since I visited 12 years ago. It appears more people have moved to the city and the population increases on the weekends with tourists. Nevertheless, spending the day at Fisherman's Wharf is enjoyable. There are stores, great food and ice cream, and a quaint boathouse community.

The Royal British Columbia Museum is an excellent way to learn history of the province. The museum exhibits are educational, well done, and some are massive.

I attended High Tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel, which is an elegant building inside as well as outside. At High Tea, the teas are remarkable and the treats are exquisite.

21 October 2023

The Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens is located in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Many beautiful gardens are on display. It is a place of inspiration for gardeners and others who enjoy nature. Walking through the rose garden smells absolutely fabulous.

14 October 2023

Vancouver, BC

sign at the Canadian border after entry

A favorite place to visit in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. It is a peaceful location in the middle of a busy city. The population of Vancouver has grown a lot since my last visit 12 years ago, so the classical Chinese garden offers a restful break. (Stanley Park is also a good option.)

The city of Surrey is about 21 miles (35 kilometers) south of Vancouver. It is part of the metro Vancouver area. Arts and culture are embraced in Surrey. The architectural design of several businesses and houses is contemporary. The exterior of the City of Surrey building is San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital on the television series The Good Doctor. (Some scenes have been filmed inside the building.)

City of Surrey building

West Vancouver is a beautiful city located about five miles (eight kilometers) northwest of Vancouver. It is an affluent community and Lighthouse Park has attractive walking trails.

Horseshoe Bay is located in West Vancouver. There are restaurants, a marina, and a BC Ferry terminal. It is also residential.

07 October 2023

Coupeville, WA

Coupeville, Washington is located 27 miles north of Langley on Whidbey Island. It is the county seat of Island County. I visited Admiralty Head Lighthouse at Fort Casey State Park.

30 September 2023

Langley, WA

This summer I visited Langley, Washington on Whidbey Island. I spent time walking around this quaint town where one can experience whale sightings, gift shops, and museums. Chairs awaited visitors so they could enjoy the water views.

I will share more about Langley as I continue blog posts of my summer holiday in the Pacific Northwest.

23 September 2023

Oak Harbor, WA

During the summer I traveled outside of California. (To watch my webseries, 'California Life, travel-lifestyle series' go to https://www.youtube.com/@californialifetravel-lifestyle.) I visited Washington State and British Columbia, Canada and will share photos, information and a video in the next few blog posts.

Oak Harbor, Washington is on Whidbey Island. It is the largest and most populated area on the island with more stores and restaurants than the smaller towns. Overall, Whidbey Island is a peaceful place and ideal for people who do not want to live in or visit a city. Seattle is about 35 miles away by car or ferry.

Naval Air Station

Deception Pass State Park is a beautiful place. People hike, camp, and even get married here.

Deception Pass Bridge


My new novel, THE TWO SISTERS, is available for purchase:  The Two Sisters by Terri Dawn Arnold . The story has crime, drama, and mystery. L...