27 February 2010


Gotham is a wonderful independent soap opera from executive producer Martha Byrne, and based on characters developed by Byrne and Alexandra Verner Roalsvig. The show is written by Martha Byrne and Lisa Brown. Additionally, Brown magnificently directs each episode.

Martha Byrne plays “Catherine Prescott.” After surviving a devastating divorce, “Catherine” lives as a single woman, raises her daughter “Ava,” played by Jessica Griffin, and becomes a successful sales executive for Nicole Miller. Everything changes for her when she takes a trip to the suburbs of New York: “Richard Manning” walks back into her life.

Michael Park plays “Richard Manning,” who was named Crown Prince of Wall Street by the Wall Street Journal. His divorce from “Veronica Manning,” played by Lisa Peluso, has graced the cover of The New York Post more than once during their year-long struggle to part ways. He always puts business first, and his personal life has been destroyed.

I really like Gotham. The series features fun, original music. And since “Catherine” works for Nicole Miller, the real-life designer’s fashions are elegantly adorned by the cast. Overall, this show is outstanding.

The series also stars Kin Shriner, Melanie Smith, Anna Stuart, Maeve Kinkead, Paolo Seganti, and so many more splendid actors viewers will recognize from television’s daytime dramas. You can watch Gotham at http://www.gothamtheseries.com/ and on the show’s YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/GothamTheSeries) every other Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. You may also watch the show on iTunes (http://gothamtheseries.blip.tv/rss/itunes).

16 February 2010

Childhood Fears

In my September 28, 2009 post I shared information about the excellent films I watched at ShockerFest International Film Festival. One of the movies I really liked was a short film titled CHILDHOOD FEARS. Remember I told you the director, Cameron Roubique, promised a Web series? Well, I received a nice surprise this week, as Cameron sent me a message announcing the series will premiere Friday, March 19th!

CHILDHOOD FEARS is a horror anthology series. According to Dark Factory Films, it will showcase “any and every childhood fear . . . from the monster in the closet to clowns and anything in between.” Here is the Web site: http://www.childhoodfears13.com/.

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