29 March 2017

The Last Word

THE LAST WORD is an honest movie that may even be therapeutic for some viewers. Shirley MacLaine is exquisite as a single, retired businesswoman named Harriet Lauler. She is wise, independent, and fearless. Many dislike her for her candor so she spends time alone; however, she is consistent in maintaining control, and develops the notion of writing her obituary while she is still alive. As a result, a writer at the local newspaper named Anne Sherman (played by Amanda Seyfried) is elected by her supervisor Ronald Odom, played by Tom Everett Scott, to write Harriet's obituary. Obviously, Anne does not immediately like Harriet.

THE LAST WORD is a fascinating comedy-drama that places differing individuals in the same arena. Naturally, when this happens the women are able to learn a great deal about each another, after looking beyond exterior structures. Harriet and Anne ultimately serve as surrogates for one another, filling the gap for a family member. One is without her daughter in her life and the other does not have a mother in her life, so they unexpectedly need each other.

In addition, a dynamic aspect is AnnJewel Lee Dixon who plays Brenda, the at-risk youth Harriet mentors. The three females bond. Each is honest and the characters are genuine.

THE LAST WORD is currently playing in theatres. The official Web site is http://www.bleeckerstreetmedia.com/thelastword.

14 March 2017

I Am Not Your Negro

The documentary I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO is based on writer James Baldwin's manuscript, Remember This House. This insightful film explores the history of racism in the United States of America. It is astonishing how words Baldwin spoke over 40 years ago are still relevant today. Director Raoul Peck masterfully blends current events with segments about civil rights leaders Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Medgar Evers, and Malcolm X.

I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson and currently playing in theatres. The official Web site is http://www.iamnotyournegrofilm.com/.

06 March 2017

A United Kingdom

A UNITED KINGDOM illustrates the real life romance of Sir Seretse Khama (played by David Oyelowo) and Ruth Williams Khama (played by Rosamund Pike). Seretse Khama is the Prince of Bechuanaland (now Botswana). He falls in love with and marries a white woman while living in London. In 1948 this is frowned upon; their families, the British government, and the South African government disapprove of their courtship.

A UNITED KINGDOM is an inspiring movie that shows the value of maintaining strength in the midst of adversity. Eventually, it is possible to overcome prejudice. In this powerful story, lives and laws are changed because of the Khamas' courage to stay united.

A UNITED KINGDOM is currently playing in theatres. The official Web site is http://www.foxsearchlight.com/aunitedkingdom/.

Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse

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