20 October 2016


When PRICELESS begins the audience knows about as much of what will happen as its leading character, James (played by Joel Smallbone): he has made some mistakes and tries getting his life back on track. At the same time, the story provides an informative vision of the awful world of human trafficking.

So as James is trying to get his life right, he steps into a deep hole. Since he now seeks to do what is right, he decides to rescue two women (played by Bianca Santos and Amber Midthunder) from their misfortune.  Over time, the character becomes likable, and ultimately is the hero of the story.

A favorite character for all that watch PRICELESS is undoubtedly Dale, played by David Koechner. He is smart and helps James in his quest to become a better person.

PRICELESS is currently playing in theatres. The official Web site is http://pricelessthemovie.com/.

10 October 2016

The Birth of a Nation

THE BIRTH OF A NATION does a good job of  helping the audience learn about its protagonist, Nat Turner (played by Nate Parker). The movie shows Turner as a young slave boy with the ability to read. The skill is encouraged and nurtured by Elizabeth (played by Penelope Ann Miller), his slave master's wife. As a result, Turner learns his calling to ministry and becomes a preacher. Studying God's word and sharing His good news with others is better than the laborious job of picking cotton, which is what Turner is required to do again after Elizabeth's husband dies.

When Turner starts his rebellion against slave masters, viewers are probably sympathetic to his cause after seeing how awful slavery is and getting to know Turner as a human being with much to offer. However, seeking revenge because people have done wrong, does not make the behavior acceptable. In the story, as in real life, all the violence and process of getting even just makes matters worse.

Despite the uncomfortable message in THE BIRTH OF A NATION, the story must be shared. Slavery is a significant part of American history.

THE BIRTH OF A NATION features several excellent performances by its cast and is currently playing in theatres.

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