26 July 2010

Black, White, and Blues

Last night at the Sacramento Film & Music Festival I watched a special movie called BLACK, WHITE, AND BLUES starring Michael Clarke Duncan and Morgan Simpson (also a producer), with appearances by Tom Skerritt and Luke Perry, and a cameo by Melvin Van Peebles. Perry’s performance was fun to watch, as the character he plays in this film is different from any other I have seen him portray. Each of the actors gave great performances, which can be attributed to the movie’s director, Mario Van Peebles.

The unpredictable story with its surprising twists takes place in Texas, Mississippi, and Tennessee. (According to producers, the filming took place in Memphis.) The setting is significant to the story because the music is all blues and country. There is more blues because the main character, "Bailey" (Simpson), is a blues man. The music is superb throughout the film as the characters visit various blues bars (and a country one), and blues bands/singers have their talent showcased. I am hoping there is a soundtrack from this film that I can purchase. For more information about BLACK, WHITE, AND BLUES visit http://www.blackwhiteandblues.com/.  (New title: REDEMPTION ROAD)

03 July 2010

Oscar Micheaux Commemorative Stamp

Now available at the post office:
The back of the stamp reads:

Pioneering filmmaker Oscar Micheaux (1884-1951) wrote, directed, produced, and distributed more than 40 movies during the first half of the 20th century, when African-American filmmakers were extremely rare and support for their work was scarce. His entrepreneurial spirit and independent vision continue to inspire new generations of filmmakers and artists.


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