27 April 2017

Their Finest

The British movie THEIR FINEST, based on the book Their Finest Hour and a Half by Lissa Evans is set in London during World War II, and opens with Catrin Cole (played by Gemma Arterton) being hired to write scripts for the Ministry of Information.  Her husband, Ellis (played by Jack Huston), is unable to sell his art, so Catrin becomes the only wage earner. She is a very talented scriptwriter, sharing her unique perspective with the staff. Unfortunately, her skills are underestimated by writing partner Tom (played by Sam Claflin) and the pair do not get along. Eventually, Catrin and Tom begin respecting each other and even develop a friendship while being on location doing rewrites for a film.

Bill Nighy is brilliant in THEIR FINEST and offers genteel humor. His character, Ambrose Hilliard, is an actor with pomp. Catrin is able to remain honest with him when others are not, and is ultimately appreciated for it. Other unexpected circumstances cause Catrin and Tom to develop an affinity for one another and it is satisfying for the audience; however, the story takes a startling twist.

THEIR FINEST is a unique film that distinctly shows believable situations while accurately illustrating life during the 1940's. The movie is currently playing in theatres. The official Web site is http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfilms/film/their_finest.

22 April 2017

Going In Style

GOING IN STYLE stars Alan Arkin ("Albert"), Michael Caine ("Joe"), and Morgan Freeman ("Willie"). The movie is a humorous tale that shows how wisdom is an asset. In the story, these gentlemen approach their scheme differently than young people would, and it is beneficial for them.

Overall, the performances are excellent, and it is great seeing Ann-Margret in such a vibrant role. She plays Annie, Albert's lady friend. This is significant, considering she is one of few female characters in the film.

GOING IN STYLE is currently playing in theatres. The official Web site is http://goinginstylemovie.com/.

13 April 2017

The Case for Christ

THE CASE FOR CHRIST shows the journey Lee Strobel (played by Mike Vogel) takes to disprove his wife's Christian faith. Outside of the movie, Strobel is a best-selling Christian author and former award-winning investigative journalist for The Chicago Tribune who was an atheist. After completing a thorough investigation that lasted for two years, Strobel embraces a new faith in Christ. The experience led him to write the book The Case for Christ, upon which the movie is based.

THE CASE FOR CHRIST gives its audience a true sense of what a spectacular investigator Strobel is. He attends a debate on matters of faith, meets with a priest, speaks with a medical doctor regarding crucifixion, and even consults a skeptical psychologist, played by Faye Dunaway. A captivating scene is when Strobel has an honest conversation with The Chicago Tribune's Religion Editor, played by Mike Pniewski.

Erika Christensen plays Strobel's wife, Leslie, who befriends a nurse named Alfie (played by L. Scott Caldwell) who saves her child's life. Leslie is impressed with Alfie's unwavering faith, and that is what leads her to examine her own beliefs. THE CASE FOR CHRIST exhibits how Leslie becomes a Christian and the conflict it causes in her marriage. The situation is probably familiar to many viewers, and is handled delicately by screenwriter Brian Bird and director Jon Gunn.

THE CASE FOR CHRIST is currently playing in theatres. The official Web site is http://caseforchristmovie.pureflix.com/.

11 April 2017

The Zookeeper's Wife

It is intriguing learning about the brave deeds of people during the Jewish Holocaust. THE ZOOKEEPER'S WIFE is based on the non-fiction book of the same title by Diane Ackerman and the diaries of Antonia Zabinska named People and Animals. The story depicts the rescue of Jews from the Warsaw, Poland Ghetto.

Antonia Zabinska (played by Jessica Chastain) and her husband Jan Zabinska (played by Johan Heldenbergh) manage The Warsaw Zoo and allow Jews to hide in the basement of their home on the premises. Their hospitality is courageous. It is commendable that they are so willing to risk their lives and their son's (played by Timothy Radford and later Val Maloku) life, along with the people who worked with them. All know it is wrong to seize Jews from their homes and find it unbearable to watch humanity being mistreated.

Daniel Bruhl plays Dr. Lutz Heck, the story's antagonist. Dr. Heck manages the Berlin Zoo. However, he is primarily "Hitler's zoologist."

THE ZOOKEEPER'S WIFE is currently playing in theatres. The official Web site is http://www.focusfeatures.com/thezookeeperswife/.


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