24 November 2009

Joy in Serving

It is in loving, not in being loved, the heart
is blessed; It is in giving, not in seeking gifts,
we find our quest; Whatever be your longing
or your need, that give; So shall your soul
be fed, and you indeed shall live.

Being a Key Club Advisor is an honor for me. Key Club is an international community service organization for high school students, http://slp.kiwanis.org/KeyClub/home.aspx, sponsored by Kiwanis International. On a regular basis I see young people volunteering to help others. These students are future leaders, dedicated to service projects and fundraising.

Sometimes we love and are not loved back. Sometimes we give and receive nothing in return. We serve because it warms our hearts and we feel joy. Joy in knowing we helped someone who needed assistance. Joy in seeing how happy it made the person we helped. It sincerely does feed our souls and we are full.

09 November 2009


In April I started watching the science fiction drama series Fringe (on FOX Television Network). At first I was confused because the stories are “out there,” and I had to learn the characters. However, I kept watching, hoping to gain an understanding of the concepts. I love being challenged!

Now I look forward to watching episodes every Thursday night, and even have a favorite character. I like Agent Phillip Broyles, because I see him as the most intriguing and complex character on the show. Also, Lance Reddick who plays Agent Broyles is an outstanding actor.

Thanks to writers of the episode “Earthling,” which aired last week, series spectators are able to see a brilliant example of how multidimensional a character Broyles is. In this story I carefully observed his significance, as he takes a huge risk by defying a superior, and viewers learn about his personal life, which brings versatility and a level of mastery to this series that I think was missing. Obviously there are other aspects to this episode, but I hope Agent Broyles continues to be more dominant in stories.

07 November 2009

Horror Webisodes

I enjoy watching programs on the Internet. Do you remember in an earlier post I mentioned watching the comedy series They Came From Outer Space on Hulu? Recently two horror shows have been brought to my attention: Fear Clinic (http://www.fearnet.com/shows/fear_clinic/index.html) and Roger Corman’s Splatter (http://splatter.netflix.com/).

Fear Clinic stars Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris and Lisa Wilcox. People with phobias go to Dr. Andover (Englund) for help in curing the fears they have, but they end up getting more than they bargained for! It would be nice if this series could continue or be expanded into a feature film. I think it could work.

Splatter stars Tony Todd and Corey Feldman (sinister performance), and is directed by Joe Dante. Rock-and-roll star Jonny Splatter (Feldman) has fame and fortune. One day he decides to end it all, but his will has let him live on. Over the course of the night, the five people who come to his home to hear his last will and testament will be able to testify as to his cruelty. At the end of each show, viewers vote for who they think Jonny should torment (from beyond the grave) next.

These are fun webisodes. Keep in mind they are intended for mature audiences. If you know of other Web series’, not just horror, please let me know about them.

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