22 May 2009

The Proposal

Last night I attended an advance screening of THE PROPOSAL starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. I liked it. The story was a familiar one, but the very talented cast invigorates it.

Craig T. Nelson plays Reynolds’ stern father well. I do not think I have ever seen him play a role like this. Mary Steenburgen is graceful as Reynolds’ understanding mother, and Betty White is hilarious as Reynolds’ quirky grandmother. These are the people who “Margaret” (Bullock) meets when she bribes her assistant, “Andrew” (Reynolds), to marry her so she will not be deported–she is a Canadian living in the United States who encounters a problem with her Visa.

I usually prefer watching Sandra Bullock play really nice, down-to-earth characters. However, in THE PROPOSAL she plays an incorrigible, apathetic New York book editor, and I liked her performance. It is especially satisfying seeing “Margaret” show another side of herself while visiting with “Andrew” and his family in Siska, Alaska: Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock (http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/search/rakim/video/x2c1pk_rob-base-and-dj-ez-rock-it-takes-tw_music). . .after seeing the movie you will understand what this means! THE PROPOSAL opens in U.S. theatres on Friday, June 19.

18 May 2009

Poltergeist: The Legacy

I am enjoying reruns of Poltergeist: The Legacy on Chiller. I remember this series originally airing on television from 1996 to 1999. The cast is very good and includes Derek de Lint (“Derek”), Martin Cummins (“Nick”), Robbi Chong (“Alex”), and Helen Shaver (“Rachel”). Depending on the season, a few other actors are also part of “The Legacy,” but these four seem to appear in the most episodes.

“The Legacy” is a secret society that was founded in England, where there is a Ruling House in London, and protects humankind from occult dangers. Each house has a Precept. “Derek” is the Precept of the San Francisco House where the stories for this series take place. Viewers know that “Derek” has doctorate degrees in anthropology and theology, “Nick” is an ex-Navy SEAL and now investigator, “Alex” has psychic abilities, and “Rachel” is a psychiatrist. These characters are all intelligent and quite intriguing.

For more information about Poltergeist: The Legacy, visit these Web sites: http://www.thelegacy-ws.com/ and http://legacyweb.com/. If you enjoy horror and suspense, you will like watching this show.

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