22 August 2018

An Interview with God

Brenton Thwaites plays a journalist named Paul who interviews God (David Strathairn). They meet three times for Paul's article and have stimulating discussions. Many questions arise that most people have such as, 'Why do bad things happen to good people?' Also, Paul is confronted with conflicts in his life. The situations make him uncomfortable because God is supposed to be the subject and Paul, the journalist, is supposed to be professional by not making it about him. He especially becomes upset when God tells him He wants to talk about Paul's marriage. In fact, Paul and his wife Sarah (Yael Grobglas) are having problems.

The scenes between Paul and God are the best because most people probably do have many questions they want to ask God. The movie provides an opportunity for viewers to observe and consider what questions they would ask. This concept is immense; however, the story could have a larger impact if scenes are added that show Paul's editor Gary (Hill Harper) publishing the interview with God and people's reactions to it. This may not be the intention of the screenwriter or director, but would serve as a catalyst for an even stronger film beyond the wonder of being able to ask God questions.

AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD plays in theatres for three nights this week. The official Web site is https://aninterviewwithgod.com/. You can get updates about the movie and possibly learn about more screening dates.


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