30 October 2009

Celebrating Halloween

Halloween–October 31, eve of All Saints’ Day (Christian); there are also roots in the Celtic tradition–is a very interesting day. Some call it a tradition, and others call it a holiday. This may just be a play on words; either way, Halloween is acknowledged every year in a big way.

As a child, I used to enjoy picking out or putting together a costume to wear and go trick-or-treating with my sister and friends. Also, during the month of October there was usually a fair in town with a haunted house included. Even though sometimes I was scared, I still felt excitement from the experience. Then there was the pumpkin exercise. I liked carving the jack-o-lantern and baking the seeds.

Now as an adult, I appreciate candy being on sale in October and greet the trick-or-treaters who stop by my home. I think this is harmless fun, and notice most people seem to embrace this tradition. Happy Halloween on October 31st and have a joyful All Saints’ Day on November 1st!

24 October 2009

The Note

The Note
There are some movies that one can watch several times and never grow tired of seeing. THE NOTE is one of those movies. The Hallmark Channel airs it often, and it is apparently the network’s highest rated movie to date. There is a very good reason for this.

THE NOTE stars Genie Francis (“Peyton Macgruder”) and Ted McGinley (“King”) as journalists, co-workers and friends. Viewers see they have romantic feelings for each other, but it takes them some time to admit it, as “Peyton” is a widow and “King” is a divorced man. Both have complex pasts that make it clear why caution is prevalent. Another distraction: “Peyton” discovers a note at the scene of a plane crash that provides a new direction for her column, which is needed because her editor is prepared to discontinue it.

“Peyton” believes the note was written by one of the plane’s passengers, so she seeks the intended receiver of the note. She uses her column to inform the public of this, receives responses, and follows up on them. Just when viewers of THE NOTE think “Peyton” will be able to bring light into someone’s life by giving him or her the note, details of her past are revealed, requiring her to face situations she has tried to forget.

It is interesting that when we choose to face situations head on, we are better able to comprehend and eventually overcome them. Ignoring these “problems” just leaves space for the unwanted memories to pop up again. It is important to resolve issues and move forward. This is what “Peyton” does, and her life then takes a positive turn, as does her column. Furthermore, her relationship with “King” blossoms, and she is accepted by someone she thought would dislike her.

The Note II: Taking a Chance on Love
This sequel can be watched over again and again as well. The touching story of “Peyton Macgruder” continues as viewers see her and “King” are advancing in their relationship and dealing with new conflicts involving their adult children (his son and her daughter). At the same time, “Peyton” also deals with a negative letter from one of her readers, “Eve Miller,” played by an outstanding actress named Kate Trotter.

In this story “Peyton” is slow in responding to “King” after he proposes marriage, and “Eve” challenges her. “Eve” somewhat positions herself as an expert on love so “Peyton” takes an interest in her. Through their discussions and a journalist’s curiosity, “Peyton” discovers fascinating information about “Eve.”

Without giving away too many details of this beautiful story, “Peyton” learns from “Eve” what can happen if one is not completely honest with herself. It is better to take a chance than to realize many years of joy have been squandered because of stubbornness.


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