09 November 2011


“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;”
(Jaques, II. vii. 139-140, from As You Like It by William Shakespeare)

The new film ANONYMOUS may define the quote above. The story suggests that William Shakespeare is not the author of his plays, sonnets, or poems. Instead Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford (played by Rhys Ifans) is the true scribe.

Since being a writer embarrasses the family, de Vere chooses someone to name as an originator of his work. Initially he selects writer Ben Jonson (played by Sebastian Armesto), but Jonson has too much integrity to participate in such an exercise. Jonson expresses this to his actor friend, William Shakespeare (played by Rafe Spall), who publicly clings to the idea of being a clever playwright. As a result, de Vere’s only option is to write that each work is penned by “William Shakespeare.” This is the plot of ANONYMOUS.

In the film Shakespeare is referred to as an illiterate. One character even says he cannot spell. On the contrary, the real William Shakespeare is known as brilliant and one of the best writers of all time. As someone who has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with an emphasis in literature and teaches the subject, Shakespeare is esteemed as the genuine author of his works. However, one can read miles of research on the subject in books and on the Internet to develop a foothold on the matter.

ANONYMOUS is excellent filmmaking. The story, a political thriller, is very fast paced in the beginning with short scenes, and as the tale unfolds the scenes become longer. The film has superior direction, acting, cinematography, and costumes. It also includes an intriguing storyline about the succession of Queen Elizabeth I and the Essex Rebellion against her.

ANONYMOUS is currently in theatres. To learn more about the film visit http://www.anonymous-movie.com/.

19 October 2011

Film News Briefs

Each weekday I look forward to reading Film News Briefs (http://filmnewsbriefs.com/). As stated on the Web site, the reason for reading the daily newsletter is "To Stay in the Know." Anyone interested in the film industry will appreciate the project announcements and updates, acquisition and film festival information, business news, etc.

Film News Briefs was started in 2007 as a daily executive memo for a movie mogul, detailing the day’s most important entertainment, media and technology news. Since the newsletter’s debut, the subscriber list has grown exponentially and continues to be a ‘must read’ for influential industry insiders from film studios, top agencies, management firms and filmmakers. FilmNewsBriefs.com re-launched in September 2009 with new re-design and functionality, becoming the destination for cutting edge entertainment, media and technology news.

In order to continue, the staff must build its subscriber base to 20,000. The newsletter is free and sent via e-mail. To subscribe visit http://filmnewsbriefs.com/contact/?utm_source=Film+News+Briefs&utm_campaign=c6f6bfd5df-WEDNESDAY_OCTOBER_19_201110_18_2011&utm_medium=email.

10 October 2011

The Way

The movie THE WAY is an inspirational story about individuals who walk El Camino de Santiago in Spain. Emilio Estevez has written, produced, and directed a simple story with a profound plot. Martin Sheen gives an exquisite performance.

Anyone who has lost someone close to him or her, and especially parents certainly understand Sheens’ character’s motivation for taking the trek. One may assume that for each of the characters’, the adventure is a spiritual journey, even though they give other reasons. For the most part, the characters are authentic. When referring to his life one character says, “I’m not sorry. It’s the life I chose.” Instead of being regretful and complaining about his past, he is honest and realistic.

It seems like more movies should be like THE WAY. The story is refreshing. This film is why I appreciate independent moviemaking.

THE WAY is in theatres now. For more information visit the official Web site at http://theway-themovie.com/.

30 September 2011


Paramount invited me to a screening of FOOTLOOSE. At first I was apprehensive about seeing the movie because I enjoyed the original. To my surprise, this new film is awesome! I had so much fun watching it. From the beginning I was entertained because the actors enthusiastically dance.

For those of us who have seen the 1984 film the story is familiar, but there is originality, and even modern updates with the music. Songs from the 1984 movie have been redone. My favorite FOOTLOOSE song has always been “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” by Deniece Williams. I am so happy her version is in this film. However, this song has also been updated. The very talented Jana Kramer provides an excellent rendition that also plays in the movie. Thanks to Jana, “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” is still my favorite FOOTLOOSE song.

In addition, the film has a great cast: the acting and dancing are very good. Kenny Wormald’s (‘Ren’) performance is entertaining, along with Julianne Hough (‘Ariel’), and Miles Teller (‘Willard’). Thanks to Miles, ‘Willard’ is my favorite character. The movie also stars Dennis Quaid and Andie MacDowell. Overall, this film has a diverse cast.

For more information about FOOTLOOSE, visit the Web site at http://www.footloosemovie.com/en_us/. FOOTLOOSE will be in theatres on October 14.

08 September 2011

Old Sacramento

This past weekend I visited Old Sacramento (http://oldsacramento.com/), rediscovering what a wonderful place it is and why people travel from all over the world to see it. The theme was “Gold Rush Days.” People walked around in period dress, soldiers rode on horseback, historical re-enactments took place, and bombs went off.

First, I toured the California State Railroad Museum (http://www.csrmf.org/), which is always a pleasure, because the exhibits are fun and informational. One exhibit featured films that involve trains titled, Rails and Reels: Hollywood, Trains and the Making of Motion Pictures.

Second, I stopped by the Sacramento History Museum (http://www.historicoldsac.org/shm.asp) where there is an entire room dedicated to educating visitors about Susan B. Anthony and her campaign for women to vote in government elections. I also observed several other interesting exhibits displaying the history of Oak Park (a Sacramento community) and gold mining.

Lastly, I ate lunch at Fanny Ann’s Saloon, made a candy purchase at a taffy store, and strolled along the Sacramento River. I appreciated all of the upgrades and renovations the city has made to this area. It was relaxing being able to stop, sit, and watch boats go by while enjoying a peaceful atmosphere.

11 August 2011

The Help

THE HELP is a wonderful movie. It is based on a novel by author Katheryn Stockett. The film is written and directed by Tate Taylor.

Praise is in order since THE HELP displays positive female characters. Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Octavia Spencer each portray their roles with dignity. In fact, the entire cast is excellent–Allison Janney, Cicely Tyson, Sissy Spacek, and Mary Steenburgen co-star, and are always a joy to watch perform.

For more information about THE HELP, visit http://thehelpmovie.com/us/. As stated on the official Web site, THE HELP is “deeply moving, filled with poignancy, humor and hope…a timeless and universal story about the ability to create change.”

08 July 2011

The Hustle

Last night I attended the premiere of a Deon Taylor film called THE HUSTLE, starring Charlie Murphy, Al Shearer, David Alan Grier, Tamala Jones, Kym Whitley, David Faustino and Ling Bai. Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, John Witherspoon, and Brigitte Nielsen make appearances.

THE HUSTLE is a very funny movie, and the large audience I viewed it with laughed a lot. For more information about THE HUSTLE visit http://www.deontaylorenterprises.com.

27 April 2011

Hatley Castle

I recently visited Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. A highlight was seeing Hatley Castle in person, which is located at Royal Roads University.

I wrote about the television series, Poltergeist: The Legacy, in my May 18, 2009 blog post -http://terridawnarnold.blogspot.com/2009/05/poltergeist-legacy.html. That show was filmed at Hatley Castle and Hatley Park.

For more information about Hatley Castle, visit http://www.hatleycastle.com/.

13 April 2011

Wise Women Speak

This week I watched the documentary, GET REAL! WISE WOMEN SPEAK, at the Sacramento International Film Festival. The film is uplifting and confirms the importance of living each day to its fullest by living your dream and pursuing your passions. Overall, each of the women expresses what it means to age wisely.

Various topics are discussed: career, faith, spirituality, relationships, body image, plastic surgery, etc. The ladies candidly share their perspectives. In addition, director Joni Steele Kimberlin does an excellent job of showing at least two sides of subjects like marriage and grandparenting. Lastly, I applaud Kimberlin on the selection of women in the documentary. They range from actress/author Jane Fonda to oceanographer Sylvia Earle.

For more information about GET REAL! WISE WOMEN SPEAK and to watch the trailer, visit: http://www.cowgirlfilms.com/.

07 March 2011

Growing Pains Is Now An Ebook

My book, GROWING PAINS: 10 short stories about growing up, is now available as a Kindle ebook. You may purchase for Kindle devices and Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, Blackberry, and Android-based devices. For more information about GROWING PAINS, visit: http://www.tdaentertainment.com/growingpainsbook.htm.

You can purchase GROWING PAINS as an ebook here: http://www.amazon.com/Growing-Pains-stories-growing-ebook/dp/B004QTOOFS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&m=AG56TWVU5XWC2&s=books&qid=1299546348&sr=1-2.

21 February 2011


Tonight I attended a special screening of the HBO Film, THURGOOD, starring Laurence Fishburne as Thurgood Marshall. Thurgood Marshall was one of the most influential lawyers in the United States. He later became an Associate Supreme Court Justice.

Laurence Fishburne is absolutely awesome as Thurgood Marshall! The film is an adaptation of the play, THURGOOD, written by George Stevens, Jr., and premieres on HBO Thursday, February 24th. For more information about THURGOOD, visit http://www.hbo.com/movies/thurgood/index.html.


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