18 October 2017


The play and TV movie, THURGOOD, starring Laurence Fishburne tells the story of Thurgood Marshall's life: his childhood and family life, his college life, his career in the judicial system fighting for human rights, his role in the Civil Rights Movement, and how he became the first African American Supreme Court Justice. Based on the title, MARSHALL, viewers may expect a movie about Thurgood Marshall's life similar to THURGOOD.  However, screenwriters Michael Koskoff and Jacob Koskoff have chosen to focus on one of Marshall's first cases, one in which he was not even able to speak in court during the trial.

The story takes place in 1941 when Thurgood Marshall (played by Chadwick Boseman) is a lawyer for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). He is continuously working on human rights cases. When he is presented with a rape case in Connecticut, the NAACP  must first find a lawyer in that state. Sam Friedman (played by Josh Gad), a white insurance lawyer, is selected.  Initially, he is reluctant to team with Marshall because he does not handle criminal cases, but his brother Irwin (played by John Magaro) prematurely assures his participation. James Cromwell plays Judge Foster and does not allow Marshall to speak in court because he is not a Connecticut lawyer and possibly even the other obvious reason for the time period.

Several talented people make MARSHALL an exceptional film. In addition to Boseman, Gad, and Magaro--Kate Hudson, Sterling K. Brown, Dan Stevens, and Ahna O'Reilly give highly effective performances. Furthermore, director Reginald Hudlin has a firm grasp of the subject matter and his passion for it is obvious.

MARSHALL is currently playing in theatres.  The official Web site is http://marshallmovie.com/.

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