13 July 2017

Beatriz at Dinner

Salma Hayek courageously takes on the role of Beatriz in the film BEATRIZ AT DINNER. Beatriz is a humble immigrant massage therapist whose car will not start when it is time to leave a client's home. Her affluent client Kathy, played by Connie Britton, graciously invites Beatriz to stay for dinner since she is waiting for a friend to finish work before he can fix her car. Kathy's husband Grant, played by David Warshofsky, initially disagrees because he is entertaining important business contacts at this particular dinner.

The central dinner guest is Doug Strutt, played by John Lithgow. Doug is a wealthy man who owns hotels and other businesses. As soon as he sees Beatriz, he assumes she is the hired help and asks for a refill of his drink. His second blunder is when he speculates that Beatriz illegally moved to the United States from Mexico. Furthermore, he arrogantly discusses his many investments, including a resort in Mexico. Beatriz presumes it is the resort that promised so many people she knew work, but never opened and left everyone destitute.

BEATRIZ AT DINNER is relevant because it shows social class perceptions. Depending on one's financial status, the business mogul's decisions are viewed either as good business that benefits people or bad business that exploits people. The movie sparks discussion and presents an ambiguous ending.

BEATRIZ AT DINNER is currently playing in theatres. The official Web site is http://roadsideattractions.com/filmography/beatriz-at-dinner/.

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