05 July 2017

The Hero

In THE HERO Sam Elliott plays Lee Hayden, an aging actor of western films.  Many of us remember Sam Elliott as the star of western films, which is why this role is just right for him. As movie stars get older, they fade away or work less and are missed. THE HERO shows a possible scenario of what those actors may be doing now.

Lee hangs out with his former co-star Jeremy, played by Nick Offerman, which is how he meets Charlotte, played by Laura Prepon. Lee becomes romantically involved with Charlotte, who is much younger. Meanwhile, he visits his estranged ex-wife Valarie played by Elliott's real life wife, Katharine Ross, to update her on his medical condition. In addition, Lee's relationship with his daughter Lucy, played by Krysten Ritter, is strained from his being away so much when he was a successful working actor. Because of his plight, it is important to Lee that he makes everything right in his relationships and clinches a role that puts him back into the spotlight, leaving a positive impression on the public. He sees that as going out with dignity.

Sam Elliott is an exceptional actor. It seems he is underrated when deserving of much praise. It would be nice seeing him starring in even more feature films. Fortunately, screenwriters Marc Basch and Brett Haley wrote a fitting role for him.

THE HERO is currently playing in theatres. The official Web site is http://thehero.film/.

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