17 January 2018

The Post

THE POST is directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Meryl Streep as Kay Graham, a Washington D.C. newspaper heiress, and Tom Hanks as Ben Bradlee, the editor who works for her at The Washington Post.  The movie is set in the 1970's, and features the real story of journalists at The Washington Post attempting to publish an article titled The Pentagon Papers, which consists of classified documents never released about the involvement of the United States (U.S.) government in the Vietnam War.

THE POST makes journalism look exciting and basically highlights Amendment I of the U.S. Constitution, which grants freedom to the press.  Even though this movie is set during the 1970's, its release is timely.  We are living in a time when freedom of the press is being threatened, because some people question the integrity of most publications and news broadcasts. A common expression often used is 'fake news.'  Many people are concerned about this, and the audience I watched THE POST with clapped at the end of the movie. It is fair to assume the crowd supports the Constitution.

THE POST is currently playing in theatres.  The official Web site is https://www.foxmovies.com/movies/the-post.

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